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I'm Becky. I started this blog in the summer before my freshman year of college. Now, I'm a junior (currently studying abroad in Ecuador).

I've curated some inspiring photos of dorm rooms, and some ideas to help you with your dorm design.

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8 Steps to Designing Your Dorm- Step 6: Add Personal Touches.

« Hold on there! Read Step 5: Equip Your Study Zone, first.

Personal touches can be added through photos of your friends and family, posters of your favorite band, a small plant for the windowsill or the teddy bear that you dragged around until you were 10. However silly you may think bringing these things are, adding personal touches to your dorm room can significantly alleviate homesickness and really make the space your own. Having some connection to home will allow you to feel independent without feeling completely disconnected while away at college. 

Through personal touches, you can also make a statement. A lot of people are interested in how to display photos and pictures on their walls in attractive ways. Here, I’ve linked to a few previous posts regarding the matter:

  1. Make a heart
  2. Stick them up in neat rows
  3. Attach them to a line with clothespins
  4. Make a little border
  5. Do a checkerboard pattern

Besides that, you could bring books that you really like to read in your spare time, since your school library is likely all reference and nonfiction material. You could also hang up some memorabilia, like a pennant from your favorite sports team or a small part of a collection that you have at home. If you are a scrapbooker, you could pull out one of your favorite scrapbook pages and frame it on the wall.

My main advice for this step is to bring something with you that is important to you, and that will remind you of home. It will really make your room seem like your own, instead of just a space you are borrowing for a few semesters.

No TL;DR today, as this is one of the shorter posts in this series. Just get creative!

Now, you should read Step 7:Spice Up Your Walls. »

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