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I'm Becky. I started this blog in the summer before my freshman year of college. Now, I'm a junior (currently studying abroad in Ecuador).

I've curated some inspiring photos of dorm rooms, and some ideas to help you with your dorm design.

Submit a photo of your own awesome dorm or feel free to ask me any questions you might have :)

A lot of you seem to like the bird cutouts as much as I do, so I figured I’d let you in on the process I’m going to use. I think the barn swallow has the best silhouette for making bird cutouts, so I just googled up some images and made them larger in MS paint (you can use photoshop or GIMP or whatever photo-editing progam you are used to). Then I printed them out and cut out the birds. After that I traced them onto some card stock (thicker paper that is better for templates. You can find it at craft stores like Michael’s) and cut those out. [Note: you can skip that step by printing directly onto card stock. My printer is fussy and doesn’t like using thicker paper.] Those are my new bird templates. I did 3 different templates of the birds in different positions. 

At the moment I’m rifling though magazines to find some cool colors or advertisements to cut them out of. It doesn’t have to be magazine paper that you cut them out of though, you could use wrapping paper, colored scrapbook paper, fabric or any other patterned or colored material that will stay relatively flat. I’ll post up a pic of my little birdies once I finish them.  

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